What is it that makes Puah Institute unique?

Puah Institute’s uniqueness can be characterized by its versatility in approaching family planning along with extensive knowledge of the medical and mental factors affecting couples suffering from infertility. Unlike most conventional fertility organizations, Puah Institute offers many services free of charge. Puah Institute’s expertise has been recognized by rabbanim and medical professionals across the world. Staff members of Puah Institute are constantly invited to address symposiums of both rabbinical authorities and medical professionals on the minutiae of (Orthodox Jewish) fertility.

Who turns to PUAH?

Puah Institutes receives an average of 180 phone calls every day from countries across the entire world. The callers consist of rabbanim, doctors, concerned family members or friends, and of course, couples experiencing conception issues. Anyone with any questions and/or comments is encouraged to contact Puah Institutes. All communications are completely confidential.

What are the most common problems that Puah Institute deals with?

It is impossible to adequately classify “the most common problems” due to the extremely wide range of infertility causes. Fortunately, Puah Institute has dealt with such a wide myriad of issues over the years that they are qualified to deal with almost anything. Puah Institute has treated newly married couples, couples married for years who have already gone through numerous treatments, and couples who have already have a child that are experiencing secondary infertility. Whatever the problem is, Puah Institute can help.

Why is supervision necessary?

Jewish law is very strict concerning authentication of lineage. Puah Institute has developed a system of supervision that has been endorsed by leading rabbanim in which the supervisor acts as a witness to the procedure on behalf of the Jewish nation. Couples taking advantage of Puah Institute’s services can do so with complete confidence knowing that the child is theirs without question. Many rabbanim who in previous years would not allow these procedures for halachic reasons now allow them if done under the auspices of Puah Institute.

What does Puah Institutes educational program consist of?

Puah Institute’s educational program consists of educating rabbis, medical professionals and the general public about infertility and its various treatments as they relate to Orthodox Judaism. Educational opportunities are available on a global scale. Puah Institute has been invited to speak at events hosted by many distinguished medical institutions including: Cornell University, RCA of California and Yeshiva University. Local synagogues have helped educate their communities by hosting a “Shabbat Puah” including: Bnei Yeshurun of Teaneck, N.J., Young Israel of Riverdale, N.Y., and Young Israel of Boca Raton, FL. If you and your community would like to host a “Puah Shabbat” please contact us