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ישראל הלוי בעלסקי




Rabbi Y. Belsky

506 East 7th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11218



I was asked to observe the activities of the Puah Institute supervision staff, which provides exacting halachic supervision in fertility laboratories, from start to finish, in order to guard the preservation of the seed of Am Yisrael and protect the integrity of the baby's lineage, with no possibility of human error.


With gratitude to Hashem Yisborach I personally visited there for many hours and observed the entire laboratory and supervisory procedure, performed by trustworthy and expert staff, specially trained.  To accomplish their goal they have increased their vigilance with an especially observant eye in order to ensure that no mistakes occur; to this day B"H they have been successful, b'Ezrat Hashem.


Puah Institute maintains constant contact with the many laboratories affiliated with their organization, and others; its supervision is outstanding. Praises to the esteemed Head of Puah Institute HaRav Menachem Burstein and the entire staff involved in this holy labor – may they be blessed by Heaven for doing Hashem's work faithfully.


27th of Elul 5770

Yisrael Halevy Belsky