English Translation

The Puah Institute - Fertility and Medicine according to Halacha, has been providing guidance and counseling to couples with fertility problems for many years. The couples also receive emotional support while undergoing difficult fertility treatments.

The seminars, courses, and lectures tours which are offered by the institute to Rabbis, doctors, and the greater public have become well known, and many rabbis can give a more exact halachic ruling as a result of their increased knowledge in this area. During my meetings with doctors I hear great praise for these activities and quite a few doctors have expressed the sentiment that their attitude towards halacha has changed for the good because of their relations with the institute.

The Director of the Institute, Rabbi Menachem Burstein Shlita, and the staff of Rabbinical counselors have become an important address for couples seeking advice about problems of infertility and halacha.

Until recently, a large percent of the religious population refrained from undergoing fertility treatments since from a halachic point of view there is a need for another person’s presence during these treatments in order to prevent human error in the laboratories. Thank G-d that the unique supervisory system founded by the Institute has become popular and today a large segment of the population benefits from its services.

The special efforts expended by Rabbi Menachem Burstein Shlita to unite all streams of religious Jewry among the Jewish People under one system were successful; and as a result the especially high standards of Puah’s supervisory system are accepted by all. The Institute has become the unique Institute providing services in this area.

The great joy which the Puah Institute has brought to thousands of Jewish homes in Israel is worthy of generous support, so that this important and blessed enterprise can continue to spread the light of chesed (lovingkindness) and halacha among the people of Israel.

Mordechai Eliyahu
Rishon LeZion
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel