To All Rabbis and Jews throughout the World

Over ten years ago Puah Institute established Halachic supervision in hospitals and fertility laboratories in Israel and in several places abroad. The Institute has come a long way and has overcome many difficulties in order for this idea to be accepted by the medical system. Today there is an excellent supervision system which is accepted by all the Poskim in our Holy Land.

Within this framework the Institute has prevented over 30 errors. Besides the halachic problems involved, they could have caused untold anguish to the couples, who after great efforts and expectations would have received a child who was not their own.

The Rabbis of the Institute headed by Rabbi Menachem Burstein Shlita are in contact with us, especially concerning serious questions which they receive. In Israel there is a unified consensus among all the Rabbis as to the necessity of Halachic supervision. From the scientific literature and from the media, it has been shown that this (these errors) can occur as well in the United States.

Therefore we call upon all Rabbis throughout the Diaspora to instruct every couple who needs to undergo fertility treatments to use halachic supervision, which besides being a positive thing, will prevent anguish and halachic problems.

On this occasion I would like to bless the Rabbis of the Institute and its Director who give counseling and referrals to thousands of couples, free of charge, and assist them, as well as the Rabbis to learn this topic in depth.

Very respectfully yours,
Rabbi Herschel Schachter
Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University